Lets Face It, Private A.W.O.L. Nathan Phillips Is Not A Very Good Drummer!!

screengrab from https://twitter.com/JerryDunleavy/status/1088296343435706368

screengrab from https://twitter.com/JerryDunleavy/status/1088296343435706368

Some days you just have to sit back and wonder what people are thinking when they are doubling down on their own stupid B.S. which has been exposed.


Case in point, Nathan Phillips who one week ago set the internet on fire with his bad drumming trying to intimidate a 17-year-old white kid with a M.A.G.A. hat. All this week he has been over the news talking to any media outlet that will entertain his “view” while tossing him softballs questions on what he was ACTUALLY doing there.

First off, let’s get this out of the way.

Private A.W.O.L. is not a very good drummer. You can get away with not being a good drummer when you have John, Paul, and Geroge in front of you. Doesn’t work as well when you have 10 or 15 cameras watching you on approach to a  kid that you think you are going to roll on. If you are going to try and embarrasses someone try to get the drumming part down first.

My colleague here at Red State, Jennifer Van Laar showed this in her piece Student Provides Video, Says Classmate Did Not Mock Native American Vietnam Veteran.

Philipps story began to unravel when the V-I-D-E-O showed what he actually did, rolling up on these kids, instead of the hokey story that he was surrounded by this mob and feared for his life. The video does not lie but our wannabe hero sure does.

The one key piece that the media really latched onto before the video of what actually happened came out, was that Nathan was a Vietnam Vet. This was the really appalling thing on multiple levels. When you say someone is a vet in a war that was so controversial that immediately enlists some sympathy or more importantly, credibility.


The media did about 25 seconds of fact checking on this before rolling with that blazed across any video that was covering this incident. As my colleague here at Red State, Steiff went through with his piece Nathan Phillips Lies So Much That Even The Washington Post Can’t Defend Him the media started to back away AFTER a couple of days. They actually started to realize that Philipps was not who he claimed and was full of cow manure.

Really not hard to figure this out if you did at least 60 minutes of research. When a guy is a Private for four years and skipped his duty a number of times, that might raise a red flag if you are interested in facts and not just smashing the reputation of anyone with a M.A.G.A. hat.

As Steiff points out above, media outlets started to step back from this walking disaster but not an outlet like TMZ. The softball love questions Harvey threw at this liar made me wonder if possibly Levin was trying to get a free pass to the reservation bingo night. That Phillips wants to get invited to the Vatican for a pow-wow that I’m sure he will lead on about how to approach kids and try to make them crack with more than a smirk would be awesome.

Harvey is a lawyer and he should know better than to believe con guys like Phillips or at least give them a good questioning while giving them air time. #TMZFail

What does any of this mean going forward?

This does give me a glimmer of hope for the kids in school today. Evidently, some of the children at Covington High School are not chomping on tide pods and are actually learning how to handle themselves in public. The kids in all of this handled themselves much better than the adults with all that life experience.


From Nathan Phillips on down the “elders” in a lot of instances failed and did it in a huge way. The Catholic dioceses in Kentucky, news outlets that don’t want to be called #fakenews and a lot of people on social media that had to offer their hot take before they even watched any video or read another account of an incident they were not at.

Hopefully, the kids lead the way on at least how to ACT into the future, that would be helpful.

In the meantime, maybe some of the people who aren’t dealing with reality as it is and think Private A.W.O.L. is telling the truth, will pitch in and get him drumming lessons.

Gool ole Nathan really needs them.

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