Aviation Crisis Helped End The Government Shutdown

We have an idea of why the end of the government shutdown seemingly came out of the blue sky today with President Trump’s announcement of an agreement to reopen Uncle Sam’s doors.


The friendly skies were becoming not so friendly.

The White House had been meeting with Transportation Dept. officials discussing the impact of the shutdown on aviation and the outlook was beginning to get bleak. According to News 5 Cleveland

The White House recently was given a stark portrayal for what would happen as it relates to commercial aviation if this shutdown continued, the source said. Then the White House saw it play out in real time Friday morning with air traffic control staffing issues causing massive delays in several northeastern airports.

The source adds that Friday’s staffing issues with air traffic controllers and a shortage of Transportation Security Administration officers was a “contributing catalyst to ending this shutdown for both sides” of the negotiations.

The White House was concerned about the economic impact of a significant disruption within the national airspace system, including the commerce it supports, the source said.

You may think a lot of bad things about Donald Trump but he does understand the business of business.

If the nation and its airports were going to be affected by lagging flights due to the shutdown, Trump could easily understand how that could affect the overall economy. With flights at LaGuardia, Newark Liberty International, Philadelphia International airports, Orlando International and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airports having delays over an hour in some cases, this could not continue.


That, in turn, explains how fast this came to an end today.

What this means going forward is that the temporary deal to open the government will most likely not result in another shutdown in 3 weeks, even if the Trump administration does not get all the wall funding. Most of the ardent Trump supporters today were saying that this was part of the Presidents plan.

If the story above is to be believed, the line of thinking that Trump planned this is just lip service to make people think this was part of a bigger plan.  The administration will not make this mistake again twice being it would truly be political suicide.

If POTUS 45 does not get the funding for the wall in the 2nd week of this temporary budget bill, he might as well declare an emergency and get that issue rolling through the courts.  There is really no sense in screwing around until day 20 and then making an idle threat.

You don’t want to see Trump get beat by Pelosi twice in 30 days. That is just not a good thing for the country.

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