Publicity Stunt: Cleveland Browns To Interview Condi Rice For Head Coach

Condi For POTUS, Not For Cleveland.

Cleveland Rocks…at publicity stunts.

In what can only be described as one of the dumbest rumors to float out of a professional sports team since the history of such rumors started, Browns have taken the title finally of something.


A team desperate for any P.R.

The team that plays in the city known affectionately as the “Mistake by the Lake” has floated the rumor that they would like to interview former Secretary of State  Condoleezza Rice for their head-coaching job.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN

Browns general manager John Dorsey said last week that he was open to hiring a woman as Cleveland’s next head coach, and one prominent name is on the team’s wish list to interview.

The Browns would like to interview former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for their head-coaching job, a league source tells ESPN.

If the Browns follow through on it, Rice would become the first woman to interview for an NFL head-coaching job.

That General Manager John Dorsey has let this leak out shows he has no idea what in the hell he is doing. I feel bad for Browns fans that just went through a 0-16 season and now have to deal with this G.M. who evidently was hired off of the traveling circus circuit.

I apologize to Carneys everywhere for the comparison.

Now before some of you go off and yell “WHY NOT A WOMAN” take your heads out of the ground and think this through.

The N.F.L. has 32 teams and each of those head coaching positions is a rare job in one of the most competitive fields in all the world. Those people that rise to the rank of N.F.L. head coach have been in the game of football for many years. They have paid their dues in most cases having punched the clock of living, eating and sleeping football.


Why would Ms. Rice be a fit for the Browns? Back to ESPN…

“She’s an amazing person,” one Browns source told ESPN.

As much as the Browns admire Rice — she attends some of their games and was spotted on the field with owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam before Cleveland’s game in Oakland on Sept. 30 — she admires them.

Rice, 64, is a lifelong Browns fan, a love she got from watching Cleveland’s games with her father at their home in Birmingham, Alabama. Rice has been featured in a Browns jersey in NFL ads, and there has been speculation that she even could become commissioner of the NFL.

I agree 100% that she is an amazing person.

Condoleezza Rice served this nation as National Security Advisor to President Bush on 9-11 and helped guide us through that dark time. She was then elevated to Secretary of State in the Bush second term where she served this nation incredibly well also. She is a superbly accomplished person and some of us would love for her to enter the national political discussion again being her voice has always been calm and rational.

Just because she has been watching the Browns since she was a child with her father and loves Browns football does not make her qualified to be a head coach of that or any team. If Cleveland has dropped to that standard then at least 10 sober people in the Dawg Pound should qualify. I also have a cousin who wisely passed on being a Lions supporter and has been a Browns fan for as long as I can remember and could probably coach them to a 6-10 season.


This has nothing to do with the sex of the person or the color of their skin. This is an opinion based on the experience of the person for the job. If you want to consider anything else you probably think this idea is a good one and you are part of the problem.

Browns fans have been long-suffering and deserve management to take their team seriously. This idea shows that they are not.

Cleveland, at least you have the Cavaliers and Lebr…..







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