Jim Acosta BANNED From The White House!!

Lost My Seat.

Well, it’s just a different day and another Jim Acosta from CNN getting into a scrap with the White House story. This time though he is BANNED from his post at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


During a raucous 90 minute White House Presser with Donald Trump talking about the aftermath of the midterm elections on Tuesday, Jimbo from CNN got into a verbal jousting match with The President. My colleague Brandon Morse covered it here earlier today. CNN’s Jim Acosta LOSES IT During Trump Presser, Shoves Woman To Keep Microphone, And Trump Goes OFF.

There was so much that happened in that Press Conference I figured it would take days to unpack and I would eventually get to Accosta and the scapes he and other reporters engaged POTUS in. I also figured Jim would be on the White House Lawn to break it down for us.

Those plans have been changed.

According to the White House late Wed evening Jim is no longer welcome to roam the White House as a CNN reporter.

From the BBC

The White House has suspended the credentials of a CNN journalist hours after a testy exchange with US President Donald Trump.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders says a reporter’s access was removed because he put “his hands on a young woman”.

Mr Acosta, chief White House correspondent for CNN, was called a “rude, terrible person” by Mr Trump at a press conference on Wednesday.

A staff member tried to take his microphone during the exchange.

However, Mr Acosta refused to give it up as he attempted to ask the president a further question.



White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted out the following announcing the removal of Acosta’s access.

Having watched this unfold live and going back to watch it my first impression of the incident holds up. Accosta got underneath Trump’s skin and when POTUS flashed that irritation Jim reveled in the thought of being the center of all eyes in that room and on T.V. and he had to push back.

They both looked bad.

Your criticism of Trump being a bully falls flat when you are trying to be a bully with the mic and continue to shout questions. When the young lady came over to grab the mic, you give it up, not block her with your arm to keep it.

Was it a super aggressive move? No.

However, it was the move of someone who thinks they are entitled more than any of his colleagues to soak up time to ask questions and continue being the center of attention.

If the White House Press Association were really serious about access to POTUS and expanding that, they would have already had the talk with Accosta about being the apple of the camera’s eye and not demand 3 or 4 follow up questions. Ask a question, do a follow-up and move along. Trump will avoid answering sometimes so welcome to political lesson 101 Jim.


Politicians are full of hot air. Sometimes so are the reporters who follow them.

Unfortunately for Jim Acosta from CNN, he will not be feeling that hot air anytime soon as a White House reporter.

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