Dead GOP Pimp in Nevada Wins State Assembly Seat

How You Doing?

Dennis Hof led a pretty interesting life. In death, he is doing pretty well also.

Famed brothel owner Dennis Hof, who was best known as the star of the HBO series Cathouse and the owner of several brothels in Nevada, was elected to a state assembly seat in yesterday’s election.


He is currently not converting oxygen to carbon.

When Hof unexpectedly died at one of his “businesses” on Oct 16th, the ballots were already printed and his name could not be removed from them. So the people in his district could vote for him, one of his opponents or leave the space blank.

Even though Dennis is in the crypt, he won.

According to TMZ

Polling places posted signs alerting voters to Hof’s death, but that didn’t stop them from voting for the man who made a living running sex ranches.

During his campaign, Dennis nicknamed himself the “Trump from Pahrump,” in reference to the town where he lived in Nevada … and he got over 60 percent of the vote in the heavily Republican district he was favored to win.

Because a dead man won the election, the seat is still considered vacant and will be filled by the county commissioners, who will select a fellow Republican who resides in the district to serve Dennis’ 2-year term.


Getting over 60% of the vote when you are dead is not as easy as he made it look and hopefully, this does not start a trend of people dying and getting elected. I could not handle all the “Weekend At Bernie/Hof jokes.

Maybe I could!!!!

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