Sen. Graham Is on FIRE. Talks Trump Nobel Peace Prize, Slams Obama

Whatever Sen. Lindsey Graham has been eating for breakfast, keep it up. In fact, whatever the GOP is feeding these guys, DOUBLE IT and give a shot of it to Sen. Flake.


He has been covered here at Red State and also his colleague Sen. Orrin Hatch.

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You would think that Graham would get tired but it seems he is feeding off of the frenzy.

Last night in Washington D.C. the muckraker site TMZ caught up with Sen. Graham to ask him about the possibility that President Donald Trump could be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Lindsey did not disappoint. When the TMZ reporter mentioned that president Trump was a favorite to win the Nobel Peace Prize Graham commented…

“If Donald Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize, liberals all over the world would be jumping out of buildings”

The Senator continued talking about why Trump should win it or what needs to happen for him to be a lock-in for the future. When the reporter commented that President Obama won Graham smiled and without missing a beat said…


“Yeah he won because he was not Bush.”

Can we purchase on the internet whatever they are giving this guy? Whatever it is, he has his righteous indignation in full force and it is great to see.

Leaders need to step up when the times call for them and this is one of those moments in history. I’m glad that Sen. Graham, Sen. Grassley, and Sen. Hatch have decided to stop taking a verbal beating by kids dressed up as adults roaming the halls in the capitol screaming and act like @#$%^*.

You go Lindsey Graham. You go.

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