WokeCenter No More. Is ESPN Moving Back Towards Sports?

More Sports, Less Rachel

Just when you think everything in the world is going to be all political all the time, a small ray of light penetrates into the darkness.


ESPN might actually start just doing straight sports again. According to Fox News

Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted that ESPN has become overly political.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview published Thursday how the sports network has changed over the past year, Iger said that the network is working on reeling in its politics and focusing on sports.

“There’s been a big debate about whether ESPN should be focused more on what happens on the field of sport than what happens in terms of where sports is societally or politically,” Iger said.

Saying a big debate is kind. This was a wildfire for a couple of years as the network bled viewers for a variety of reasons but the drift left was a constant topic of conversation. That the CEO of the overall company ( Disney owns ESPN ) weighed in shows that Mr. Iger has at least acknowledged that there is an issue.

How they deal with that will be the next question.

The man who is in charge of bringing the “Worldwide Leader In Sports” back to some of its former prominence is Jimmy Pitaro. he has taken over from longtime executive John Skipper who had pushed the network to be more MSNBC than ESPN.

Iger also commented…

“Jimmy felt that the pendulum may have swung a little bit too far away from the field. And I happen to believe he was right,” Iger told the magazine. “He has brought back some balance.”


The network has already jettisoned some of their more political personalities who have drawn criticism over the past few years when they seemed to interject a political angle into every damn sports-related topic.

Most people just want to watch a game, not think about how this moves the cultural climate which affects how the polar bears are gonna die. Just give me some insight on the GAME.

Hopefully, with all the dumb going on in the world right now this is a sign of better times ahead. When Sports Center won’t be WokeCenter and I can watch highlights from a game and not hear a lecture from a frustrated former jock in High School about Trump.

One can dream.

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