REBELS. Students Refuse To Cover Up The Name Of CHRIST On Football Field.

You know this is ticking off people on all sides of this issue.

Down in Louisiana on a rather ordinary looking football field, a battle has erupted over an ad in the end zone of the high school gridiron. Two students from Benton High School were asked to spray paint over the word Christ in the end zone ad that said “Christ Fit Gym.”


They refused.

Now, I know what your first thought must be. What teenage kids refuse to take a can of spray paint to use on school property?

Brave ones.

The story according toFox News rolls out like this…

Two Benton High School students were ordered to remove a logo from the football field end zones because it included Christian references.

The order came just hours before the Louisiana high school football team ran onto the field.

“You have to stand up for Christ no matter what (and we) just told the coaches we wouldn’t do it,” one of the students wrote on social media. “We ended up leaving the field and not helping them cover up the Scripture that was put on the field.”

The logo belonged to Christ Fit Gym, a faith-based gymnasium in nearby Bossier City, Louisiana. It included the words “Christ Fit Gym,” a cross and a Bible verse reference, 1 Timothy 4:8.

Truly, miracles never do cease.

Of course, the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which has a lawsuit pending against the school filed back in February for something not related to this, objected to the logo on the field and wanted the word Christ covered up. They got their way before a judge granted a temporary restraining order to halt any part of the ad being covered up.


So the owner of Christ Fit Gym who has a contract with the distrcit for $3,500 dollars to place his ads in the endzone for Christ Fit Gym, now has to shell out more dough to enforce his contract.

He is willing to do it.

Billy Weatherall tells the Todd Starnes Radio Show that he plans on fighting the good fight to have his logo restored.

“What would Jesus do? Jesus would not say this is okay. Jesus would not allow His name to be stamped out,” he told me. “I want to fight this fight.”

This gives me hope that not all people in this country are terrifed of fighting the good fight. We need more examples of people in this town inside Lousianna willing to stand up and stand out for what they beleive to be right.

In this case, not being afraid of the consequneces of saying or promoting the name…

Jesus Christ


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