More Victims of the Kavanaugh Hearings, Baseball Announcers Brawling


Well, the country is officially going to hell in a handbasket.

Books and op-eds quoting unnamed sources saying Donald Trump is unfit for the Presidency. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings marching into the third day with Sen, Cory Booker releasing emails that he should not.


Now…baseball announcers brawling.

When does the madness end?

Detroit has been abuzz this morning since the report leaked out that Detroit Tigers play-by-play man Mario Impemba and analyst Rod Allen of Fox Sports Detroit were involved in an “altercation”

With each other.

According to the New York Post

The reason for the attack remained unclear, but there reportedly had been tension building between the two men, who have been calling Tigers games since 2002.

“They’re like an odd couple,” a person familiar with the dynamics of the broadcast’s production told The Athletic.

It became clear that something was off when Matt Shepard and Kirk Gibson were in the broadcast booth Wednesday night for the series finale in Chicago, with no announcement on Impemba and Allen’s whereabouts. Shepard and Gibson reportedly had to be called in last-minute while Impemba and Allen were booked on separate trips back to Detroit to avoid another run-in, per The Athletic.

Now you do see on occasion a brawl out on the field of baseball teams but never hear of the people that have the honor and privilege of calling this games.


Can you imagine Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey punching each other out over who calls what inning?

I’m a baseball fan and I love my Detroit Tigers. I can’t imagine what in the hell could have been said to finally set these two off if the report that they have not gotten along for so long is true.

This is not the first time that Rod Allen has been involved in an altercation in the game of baseball though. He was once beaned with a pitch while playing Japan and he tried to run down his assailant. He was a bit too slow which means Mario might have been able to get a shot in and run for cover.

This is embarrassing but fitting being the whole country seems to be on edge.

If anyone needs me I will be brushing up on my baseball announcing skills!!


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