Russian Woman Charged With Infiltrating U.S. Political Party.

Senior Kremlin Official?
Senior Kremlin Official?

Breaking News as President Trump makes his way back from the Helsinki summit with Putin. A Russian national who is 29 years old was arrested on Sunday for trying to spy at the behest of a Senior Kremlin Offical.


From The Guardian

Maria Butina was charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of the Russian federation within the US without prior notification to the attorney general.

Butina, 29, was arrested on Sunday and appeared before a magistrate in Washington on Monday, according to the US justice department.

She is known as a protege of Alexander Torshin, a Russian former state banker, who met Donald Trump Jr for dinner at the NRA’s 2016 convention. Torshin was placed under sanction by the US in April this year.

The media is going to go nuts with this with the summit being the talk of the world. Plus the NRA mention will just add more fuel to the fire.

Here is the Press Release from the DOJ


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