Slate Columnist Gives Advice for Non MAGA Wearing Hat Family Member


I never knew Slate was this much fun to read.

Last week my colleague here at Red State, Brad Slager, wrote a fabulous piece called Slate Takes Trump Derangement To Comical New Lows ( please go give it a look) and I was bemused. I did not know Slate could be so funny.



So when I tripped across the interwebs and came across a column in a “help” section of slate that had the title >My Niece Wears Her MAGA Hat to Family Parties What should I do? I was HOOKED.

A nice lady wrote the “Care and Feeding” advice person, Carvell Wallace, and asked what Wallace would suggest she do about her 18 yr old nice that wears a “Make America Great Again” hat to family parties.

The answer mildly surprised me.

I assumed it would have started off with something along the lines of giving her niece the ” Red Hen” treatment for #MAGA people or following her out to her car via the Mitch McConnell method used lately, but it was much more nuanced.

I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule about what to do with someone rocking MAGA gear.

SACRE BLEU…how can anyone be rocking a #MAGA hat? This must be investigated.

Carvell continues…

Sometimes I’d advise backing off; other times I would probably say that certain people could stand to be confronted. But even though the situations differ, the goals, to me at least, remain the same. Less harm, violence, and oppression for people and more kindness, equality, justice, love, and connection.

Well, this is not what I expected at all. Actually treating someone with respect even though you disagree with them politically. I was so pleasantly surprised I might purchase a subscription to Slate.


Do they do subscriptions?

Then, the wheels kinda come off.

Ms. Carvell continues that if the world had ‘less” people who liked Trump it would be a better place. I feel the same way about people who like Soccer but I can live with it. I’m hoping she can also.

When she totally loses me, while answering a question about a family member who has a different political point of view, is when she brings up race.

How does asking how to deal with your niece for having differing political views break down into a racial discussion? I’m kinda gobsmacked.

How about if we go back to the ” more kindness, equality, justice, love, and connection” and less about the anyone who supports Trump must be a racist and removed from a lil restaurant like the Red Hen while trying to enjoy a meal or lectured at a family function.

Truly…. we will be a better world than.


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