Stop Whining About Trump Signing The Omnibus Bill

As has been covered extensively here on the pages of Red State by my colleagues, there has been a lot of coverage of El Presidente 45 signing a garbage bill delivered to him by a Republican-controlled Congress.


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So let me start out by saying I did not vote for President Trump so you can save the Trump lackey tag for someone else. I’m a political realist that sees things for as they are, not as we hope they would be after seeing our favorite politicians commercial and we have stars in our eyes.

What I have not seen covered is that if any other President with an R after their name had been sent this bill by a Republican-controlled Congress to his desk, what would have happened.

They would have signed it.

Oh, sure, I believe they might have shaved a couple billion or millions here and then sighed in front of a camera to say ” We will do better next time”

I know that Sen. Rand Paul or Sen. Ted Cruz would quite possibly put up a valiant fight and even shut down the government for a time to stop this type of monstrosity from ever becoming law. Yet if the GOP controlled Congress under Pres. Paul or Cruz had passed anything like this they would have signed it eventually.

They would have had too.


The Congress holds the purse strings and the very same leadership that sent President Obama his last budget that contained a 500 billion dollar deficit, just sent a Republican POTUS  a budget that contains over a TRILLION in the red.

Seriously, think about that for a bit.

Our Congress right now is led by people who are making political calculations that I overall disagree with. They are living and acting in fear and good leadership never allows that to control you as you strive to do the right thing.

They could not even defund Planned Parenthood.

So please continue railing on President Trump. I know he could have, should have, done more and those are all legit arguments.

Still, had a Republican-controlled Congress had the guts to send him a bill after a bruising fight in both chambers to actually reduce the deficit even further from FY 2016-2017 he would have signed that too.

Stop whining about the President.

Start yelling at the GOP in Congress.


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