Emma Gonzalez And The Number Six

Notice anything missing?
Enough Indeed

Today at the “March For Our Lives” rallies across the country which some might say should be called “March For Some Of Our Lives As Long As You Agree With Us Politically, Otherwise Bugger Off,” concerned people gathered to have their concerns and voices heard.


Truly, one the best parts of living in a peaceful, republic and I truly do love this type of participation.

In Washington D.C., Parkland student and one of the defacto leaders of this movement, Emma Gonzalez, gave a moving speech (CNN coverage) that included a period of six minutes and twenty seconds of silence while she stoically stared out into the crowd. This moment of silence was representative of the amount of time the killer had shooting up the building before he exited, killing 17 people and wounding many others.

This was an incredibly poignant moment. Something, I dare say, out of a Hollywood script.

As I sat and watched her stare out into the crowd I began to wonder what else happened in those six minutes or months or years.

Here is what I came up with.

* For just over six minutes, a number of Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies stayed outside of the school and waited for something. They did not engage an evil human and possibly save some from dying or being wounded. (Covered here at Red State back In February)

I don’t think we still have a clear answer why.

* In the first six months of 2017, Chicago, Illinois had 1,787 (Chicago Tribune) shootings and 323 deaths (Chicago Tribune) despite having some of the nation’s strongest gun laws.

Why and how that is possible is still a mystery.

I would imagine that Ms. Gonzalez has connections with CNN producers who conducted the Jerry Springer-like event in Florida where Sheriff Israel and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch appeared. Maybe Emma could use her newfound influence to persuade CNN to hold a similar event in Chicago being that area has virtually been ignored. I would love to see Dana and the Sheriff expound on how strict gun laws have not really worked in one of America’s great cities.


Also speaking of the Sheriff of Broward County.

*How many times in the six years that Sheriff Israel has been Sheriff, did that department respond to calls about the shooter? How many times in those six years did they drop the ball and let this monster walk towards that day and kill and wound those people?

According to multiple sources, it was more than six (Washington Examiner).

I really do hope all these people stay engaged and ask tough questions of all people in power and of themselves. I hope Emma Gonzalez continues being engaged and not backing down.

Yet to be faithful to those who passed, there are a lot of issues that contain the number six and if you truly want change, you have to ask those tough questions and demand answers.

Otherwise, this movement will be deep-sixed.


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