Steele on CPAC Leadership, Trump and GOP

CPAC 2018 has been over for a month but you never know what can still bubble up from the annual gathering of “conservatives” weeks or months later.


In a previous post by Red State writer Joe Cunningham, Steele Fires Back At CPAC Official Who Said Race Got Him RNC Chairman Role the story of a mindless gaffe was covered.

The former Lt Governor of Maryland and RNC Chairman, Michael Steele is not done offering his thoughts on the matter.

In a wide-ranging interview with Matt Lewis on his podcast Matt Lewis And The News, Mr. Steele talks about his background as an adopted son, his time as chairman of the RNC and the Republican party under President Donald Trump.

On the leadership of CPAC, Mr. Steele has this to say

“The leadership of CPAC is reflecting a form, is embracing a form of racist language that I think is unbecoming of Republicans let alone offensive to the ideals of Ronald Reagan.

Audio via Soundcloud

I truly hope that this was just a misreading of the situation and that Mr. Steele is off base here. Yet when someone with a long, distinguished career in Republican politics says something like this about the leadership of the largest gathering of the “base” of your party, you need to stop, take a pause, and do a gut check.


I hope we are better than this.

Listen to the full interview here where Michael Steele talks about all that is listed above and more. Matt Lewis And The News Interview With Michael Steele.

( Note: I have been the producer for “Matt Lewis And The News” for over five years)


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