Let's Hear From Andrew Breitbart

Still Making A Difference.

Fellow Red Stater Sarah Rumpf has a great read about how Andrew Breitbart still influences so many people today. She titled it Andrew Lives and he still does through so many people he influenced.


I am not the solid writer that so many of the people here at Red State are, but I do radio and had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew twice. I present these interviews here so that you can HEAR, what was going through his mind at the time of these sit-downs.

The first interview was done in Grand Rapids, Michigan in Feb of 2012. Andrew talks about the upcoming election involving President Obama, the influence of Ron Paul supporters and why it was bogus that Dana Loesch was disinvited as a speaker at an event due to pressure from outside groups.
Sound familiar?

The second interview was in Washington D.C. and I was joined by another fellow Red State writer, Teri Christoph. In this interview, he talks about how conservative women are the driving force in the tea party movement and also tells a story about ALMOST running into former congressman Anthony Weiner in a D.C restaurant.


I hope you take a moment to listen to these. These give a lil more of how he was with anyone he came across. You did not need to be a big outlet or a rising star for him to give you some time.

Andrew treated you the same.

He was a good and decent man who worked hard at doing the right thing for his family, his friends and the country he loved.

That is why so many people miss him every day and are taking a moment to remember him today.

Requisat en pacem


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