Patriotism Is Cool

There is a strange disconnect in this country between its citizens and how our culture is depicted in the major media. Whether it’s on film or television, people who are patriotic always seem to be the ones who are made out to be fools, buffoons, uneducated or worse – evil.


For the past three years, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to travel around this still great and wonderful nation, speaking to thousands of Americans of every flavor, and I can say without a doubt that the media is engaged in a big lie. Don’t fall for the lie; Patriots are actually cool.

The truth is, folks who love their country, support its traditions and foundations, and would fight to the end to preserve it, are the ones you want to hang with. And it’s never more clear than the Fourth of July when friends and families get a chance to drop what they’re doing, relax and have a little fun.

And it’s my guess that sometime during this holiday, whether it’s at a family picnic, a ballgame, a campground or just in the backyard playing with the kids, you will stop for a moment and thank your lucky stars that we get to be here, in the most freedom-loving, hard-working, benevolent country that ever existed.


I also know that lately you may have become concerned that the America you know and love is taking a turn for the worse and may not be so great for our kids and grandkids when they are in charge of filling the car with gas, buying the hot dogs or paying off the credit card at the end of July.

I’m Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher and I’m running for Congress. Send me to Washington and I promise you I will let them know we want to stop the reckless running of our country, and put us back on track. I’ll fight for you Patriots and I won’t go back on my word once I get there.

You’re my kind of cool. Thanks.


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