Marcy Kaptur: The Unknown Liberal

Representing Ohio in the 9th District is a name you might not know much about. You may never have even heard of Marcy Kaptur, primarily because of a lack of legislative leadership. How do you have a job for 30 years without your employers even knowing your name? She has been there though, in the shadows, backing nearly every bad liberal idea that has come down the pike.


Understanding a lawmaker like Kaptur requires a long trip down Liberal Lane, a ‘progressive’ mudslide where major cities, states and now the entire Federal government are being crushed by reckless spending, unbridled expansion of public agencies, and an unsustainable culture of Public entitlement. Combine these with a negligent disregard for the future, and you have a country on the brink of bankruptcy, considerably weakened in the eyes of the world.

The failed policies and dark cloud of progressivism that Kaptur and others have built over America is what helped create a Scott Walker win in 2010, and the progressives’ failed recall attempt further reaffirms that America has had enough. Supporters throughout the nation came together in the Badger State to turn out the vote for Walker, with the lion’s share of support coming from various Tea Party groups, whose influence continues, unabated.

The important question for Americans now is this: “It’s morning in Wisconsin – WHAT’S NEXT?”

Walker’s victory is only the first of many battles to take back the country, and if Wisconsin is Lexington, then Ohio is Concord, with Marcy Kaptur in the role of the autocrat. As a reliable vote for increased regulation and high taxes, Ms. Kaptur seems to be a typical left-winger, friendly to environmental groups, abortionists, and any other liberal special interest who would help fill her campaign coffers.


But contrary to liberal dogma, Marcy Kaptur has been quietly waging a 10-year war on women.

My staff did an analysis of Congressional staff pay in Marcy Kaptur’s office from 2000-2010. What they found was that Marcy paid female staffers 5,000-19,000 dollars less on average in any given year. In commemorating the passage of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Kaptur claimed that disparity in pay across genders amounts to “a glaring inequality” which “hampers our country’s economic growth.” Yet in her own Congressional office, Kaptur paid female staffers considerably less than their male counterparts for at least ten years.

If that weren’t bad enough, last week Marcy Kaptur voted against a bill which would have prevented children from being aborted on the basis of their race or gender. My response to that is below and the press release can be found here.

My guess is Marcy Kaptur doesn’t want you to know her name, but the jig is up, friends. Liberals like Kaptur do their best work in the darkness, but I’m here to shine the light on their record.

The Wisconsin recall victory for conservatives should spread across the country, causing a domino effect – and yes – I’m talking about defeating progressives who work to make government larger, wealthier and more powerful than the private sector. Ohio is next and I need your help to defeat a dyed in the wool, lifelong politician whose backers have fed at the teat of the taxpayer for nearly three decades. That’s long enough.


Wisconsin is now won. We must take this momentum and build to November.


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