Gotham Air: The Uber of Helicopters may be coming to a city near you

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On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Marc Gurman from 9to5Mac to give us a preview of what to expect in the iPhone 6S that debuts on September 9th, then we’ll talk my engineer Dennis Greene talks fantasy football draft strategies. Claire Maldarelli from Popular Science talks about the problem science is having replicating their own studies and finally Tim Hayes, the CEO of Gotham Air, tells us why his company is the Uber of helicopters and how you can get from Manhattan to the airport in 6 minutes.

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Mark Gurman at 9to5 Mac
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Claire Maldarelli at Popular Science
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A new app lets you hail a helicopter that will fly you from NYC to JFK in 6 minutes — all for around $200
Gotham Air
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