Jewish Community Rallies Around NYC Cafe Owner After Pro-Hamas Baristas Walk off the Job

It's been one month since Hamas terrorists crossed into Israel from Gaza and proceeded to massacre civilians, rape young women, exterminate entire families and kidnap babies. 


The weeks following the terror attack on Israel have been hard on Israelis, certainly, but also on Jewish communities around the world. These communities have had to watch as posters of the hostages are torn down by sneering antisemites and throngs of pro-Hamas protesters storm through the streets screaming, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." This is also known as a call for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of Jews.

The pro-Hamas crowd have definitely outed themselves these past weeks. When faced with the decision whether to tear down the poster of a baby ripped from his family by Hamas or be a decent human being and walk on by, they choose destruction. It's almost always young people, some with Middle Eastern heritage and some just meddling white kids whose college years did them no favors.

New York City, with its large Jewish population, has been ground zero in the United States for recent antisemitic activity. Every day, it seems, there is a new video posted to social media of odd-looking cretins tearing into the hostage posters with the glee of a feral dog tearing into a piece of raw meat. Any humanity they might have once had is gone in a flash; occasionally, bystanders try to step in and stop the insanity, but there is no shame when it comes to antisemites. 

That's why the story that made headlines on Tuesday was such a nice departure from the usual enraging updates.

It starts with the bad: Aaron Dahan, the young owner of Caffe Aronne, a coffee shop on New York City's Upper East Side, thought he would have to close down because all of his baristas had walked off the job. It's not that this was a bad place to work, it was because Dahan is Jewish, displayed an Israeli flag in his cafe, and had started a fundraiser for Magen David Adom – Israel's Red Cross. Oh, and the baristas were supporters of Hamas who bolted when Dahan questioned them about the Free Palestine pins they were wearing to work.


Dahan explained that five baristas had left since October 7, and the two he lost most recently quit in disgust when he questioned them about their plans: “We knew our staff. We knew they were thinking these things. I said, ‘Let’s go for dinner. Let’s sit. Let’s ask questions. Let’s learn. Let’s realize that we’re not all here trying to kill each other."

But there's no room for discussion or compromise when it comes to supporters of Hamas. Dahan continued:

Our staff was young. They think they know everything, liberal, college-educated,” Dahan, who is Jewish, told The Post on Tuesday.

“They think we’re supporting genocide, we’re supporting colonialism. They know the keywords but they don’t really know what they mean.”

Then there's the good (and it's really good): When Dahan told his mother he was going to have to shut down for at least a day, she stepped in and took over the operation of the cafe. Word quickly spread around the local Jewish community, and a long line formed of folks looking to get a good cup of coffee while supporting a pro-Israel business.

Locals took to social media to encourage others to head to Caffe Aronne in a show of support. Gabrielle Reich visited the cafe with her parents, saying: “We’re going to support our people. I was in the middle of work and I just left to come with my parents, and the line goes around the block because we’re here to support.”


Others showed up offering to help Dahan's mother run the shop and keep the lights on. Bina Dabbah said she'd “wash the dishes...[and] mop the floors. All this antisemitism is very frightening. I know the baristas here and it’s just very upsetting that all these young people are – I don’t know what they are, ignorant? Hateful? Brainwashed? It’s very scary this is what’s happening in this country, but I hope somebody knows how to fix it because it’s really scary.”



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