It'll Cost You $95 to Hear Bernie Sanders Tell You Why Capitalism Is Bad

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As we’ve discussed here before, potential presidential candidates often signal an upcoming run by releasing a “leadership” book before officially announcing their candidacy. Republicans like Mike Pence, Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo have already released books as they eye the White House, and Ron DeSantis will be releasing his next book on February 28. The left has a slightly trickier path in the run up to 2024 since they already hold the White House, albeit with an aged, infirm and unpopular Joe Biden. What are their other options? Kamala? Hillary? You know where this is going.


Riding in on his white horse to save the left from itself — yet again! — is perma-candidate Bernie Sanders and his new, super-preachy book, entitled, “It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism.” The list price of the book is $28, and here’s what’s in store for those who are foolish enough to shell out their hard-earned cash to hear a pseudo-socialist, octogenarian millionaire pontificate on why capitalism is bad:

Reflecting on our turbulent times, Senator Bernie Sanders takes on the billionaire class and speaks blunt truths about our country’s failure to address the destructive nature of a system that is fueled by uncontrolled greed and rigidly committed to prioritizing corporate profits over the needs of ordinary Americans.

But wait, there’s more. Bernie is taking his act on the road! For a mere $95, you can hear Bernie Sanders, who’s never created a job in his life and has amassed a fortune on a government salary, preach to you about the evils of America — live and in person!


Where to start with all of this nonsense? First off, there’s the hilarity that Bernie Sanders, an extremely wealthy man who has exploited the system to his own great personal benefit, is angry at capitalism. He is no such thing, he celebrates it every day. He has managed to “capitalize” on hating the successful in our society and has monetized the misery of those who look to him for guidance. If you think he’s looking to speak “blunt truths” about billionaires, just take a look at who gave Bernie gobs of cash during his 2020 presidential campaign:

Alphabet, Inc.: $963,943

Amazon: $781,837

Apple: $480,498

Microsoft: $430,804

Weirdly, all run by dastardly billionaires. They are Bernie’s cronies, not his enemies.

Secondly, this grift is leading to an even larger one: a presidential campaign. All you have to do is take another look at who’s donating to Bernie to know that he relishes running with billionaires all while duping others into buying his books and his tired schtick. He’s not going to turn off the firehose of money any time soon, so expect Bernie to run in 2024.

It’s all just more of the “Do as I say, not as a do” nonsense from the left. While Americans are genuinely hurting from Bidenflation and the economy-killing policies of Democrats — with whom Bernie caucuses — the left is only interested in solutions that fatten their own wallets. And Bernie is the poster child for DC elites who, on one hand, clench their fist in rage at the system, while using their other hand to count the cash they’re raking in from said system.


Bernie Sanders’ new book will be hitting the shelves on February 21.


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