Mean Girl Liz Cheney Disses Kari Lake, Laps up Adulation From Twitter Bottom Feeders

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Note to Liz Cheney: If you are reveling in the adulation of Twitter’s most toxic leftist bottom feeders, you are failing at life.

Case in point: Your tweet tonight, basically — I think? — taking credit for Kari Lake’s loss in the Arizona gubernatorial race. (You just know that Liz has had this tweet in drafts for several days, anxiously awaiting her “I won’t be ignored!” moment, while a bunny or two boiled on the stove.)


All this started when Liz — determined to prove she’s just like the Lincoln Project, but with a sassy, Dolores Umbridge hairstyle — bought a $500,000 ad buy against Lake; weirdly, Liz starred in the ad. Lake took to Twitter to thank Liz for her efforts and the resulting deluge of donations her disparaging ad brought in for the Lake campaign.

As intended, and right on cue, the most toxic elements of Twitter — also known as leftists and Democrats — tripped over themselves to congratulate Liz on her oh-so-clever tweet. We really need Trump back on Twitter, stat, if this is what passes for a mic drop moment. Elon, please get on that.

This is exactly the kind of reaction Liz was looking for; yes, the mean girl in her enjoyed mocking a rising star like Kari Lake, but she also knew it would garner slavish praise from the left. Liz thinks these people are her friends. Liz is wrong, and will likely find that out the hard way.

To be fair to Liz, it hasn’t been a great week for her. Harriet Hageman, who soundly thrashed Liz in the Wyoming GOP primary earlier this year, waltzed to an R+45 win on Election Day and is probably in Liz’s office at this very moment measuring for drapes. And just today, Donald Trump “failed to comply” with her J6 committee’s request for documents and testimony. Her chance at perceived glory is slipping away, with her termination date of January 3, 2023, coming at her like a freight train.


Despite Liz Cheney’s best efforts, Kari Lake will be just fine; Lake’s owning of the media is the gold standard for all future Republican candidates. Most importantly, unlike Liz, Kari doesn’t have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair — and that kind of character resonates with voters. We’re likely to see both women on a ballot at some point in the future, perhaps even as soon as 2024. But, for now, if you need Liz Cheney, she’ll be hanging out with the bottom feeders of Twitter.


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