Kari Lake Has the Perfect Response to Liz Cheney's Ad Buy Against Her

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One of the reasons that Kari Lake is leading by a wide margin in the Arizona governor’s race is that she has great humor and an ability to communicate that resonates with the voters. Meanwhile, her opponent Katie Hobbs is the opposite, having great difficulty making any point other than that she is too afraid to debate Lake.


Democrats and their fellow travelers are already realizing that Lake may be a potentially formidable national candidate. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) — she who will soon be out the door — casts Lake as an “election denier.” Cheney’s new political action committee bought a $500,000 ad campaign against Lake and another GOP candidate in Arizona, Mark Finchem.

The ad is funny because, once again, Cheney is so arrogant to think anyone in Arizona cares what she thinks. Heck, her constituents in Wyoming rejected her by almost 40 points when she ran in her primary, so what influence exactly does she have, except in the mind of Democrats? Yes, we know that she would rather cast her vote for a Democrat — she’s effectively been a Democrat now for some time, whether she acknowledges it or not. She falsely states what Lake has said — Lake did not say that she would only accept the results of the election if she won.

But the election is also a week away. Many people have already voted and I can’t imagine anyone would be influenced by that ad. But hey, good job throwing away $500,000. As we can see it’s typical of Cheney’s bad choices.

But Kari Lake being Kari Lake had the perfect and humorous response to Cheney’s ad buy. This is a classic.

Lake addressed it to “Liz Cheney, Defeated member of Congress (WY-AL),” and thanked Cheney for her “in-kind contribution” to Lake’s campaign. Lake noted that the ad increased their voters and donations and that the Cheney “anti-endorsement” was “the gift that keeps on giving.” Lake chides her saying the “donation” likely exceeds the limitation on individual contributions. “Thank you again for the huge boost to our campaign! Enjoy your forced retirement from politics. I know America will rest easier knowing that one more warmonger is out of office.”


Can you get any better than that? Lake further noted they had received $300,000 after the ad buy.

She then invited people to donate to her in Liz’s name.

So in addition to throwing away the money this late in the season, it looks like Cheney is also helping get Lake elected. How delicious is that?

The last poll, the Fox 29/InsiderAdvantage poll, had her up by 11 points.


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