Linda Sarsour's Idiotic Response to Trump's North Korea Travel Ban Will Numb Your Mind

Amidst all of yesterday’s discussions about taking knees, President Trump rather quietly added travel restrictions to three additional countries: North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad. This brings to eight the number of countries that have had bans slapped on them since Trump took office.


The president campaigned heavily on the promise of making our borders more secure by restricting who can enter it. The travel bans on these additional countries are open-ended and have no time restrictions placed on them.

“Making America Safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet,” the president said in a tweet shortly after the proclamation was released.

Leftists have a Pavlovian response when they hear “North Korea” mentioned along with “Trump.” Just last week, they embraced North Korean madman Kim Jong Un as one of their own, in praise of his calling the president a “dotard.”

Linda Sarsour, who hasn’t met a Muslim extremist she didn’t like and is the current darling of American leftists, was so triggered by Trump’s NORK travel ban that she simply had to issue an indignant tweet:

Yeah, about that …

It might surprise the sharia-loving Sarsour to know that many North Koreans would love nothing more than to line up in droves to come to the U.S., but they are forbidden to do so because – wait for it – they can’t leave their country due to the fact that they live in a totalitarian state and fear the reprisals of the madman who runs their country. The madman, again, that her side claimed as their own last week.

As usual, Twitter swooped in to help the fact-challenged Linda better understand what’s happening in North Korea.


Ms. Sarsour’s tweet reminds us that the American left stands only for chaos and ignorance. And a deep, fervent hatred of America. Oh, a conservative wants to speak on a college campus? Let’s shut them down by any means necessary! Trump says we should stand for the National Anthem? Hit your knees, boys! The boy dictator of North Korea, whose regime committed unknowable atrocities against American student Otto Warmbier, doesn’t like the president? Bring it in, Rocket Man. Group hug!

There is a mind-numbing ignorance, as demonstrated by Sarsour’s tweet, pervasive in the progressive movement of 2017. Their determination to remain ignorant may see them being blessed with an eight-year Trump presidency.


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