Hammer Comes Down on Teacher Who Shamed School Kids in MAGA Shirts

Remember Lyn Orletsky, the math teacher from River Ridge High School in Cherokee County, Georgia? She kicked two students out of her classroom for wearing Make America Great Again t-shirts, telling her class, “Just like you cannot wear a swastika to school, you cannot wear [Make America Great Again] like that.”


An intrepid student caught the whole thing on his cell phone, and the video went viral.

Ms. Orletsky was soundly rebuked by the school system.

Cherokee County School District spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby said the teacher was ‘wrong’ to have made the comments.

‘Her actions were wrong, as the “Make America Great Again” shirts worn by the students are not a violation of our School District dress code,’ Jacoby said.

‘The teacher additionally – and inappropriately – shared her personal opinion about the campaign slogan during class.’

And now comes word that Lyn Orletsky has been fired.

A letter was recently sent from the principal of River Ridge High School to the parents of Orletsky’s students, explaining the school’s decision to terminate the teacher’s employment.


“The purpose of this correspondence is to provide you with an update on your child’s math class,” the letter signed by school principal Darrell Herring reads. “Ms. Orletsky no longer is your child’s math teacher, effective immediately.”

The letter also informs that the school is searching for an “experienced educator to teach these classes for the rest of the school year.”

Reportedly, according to the letter, Herring informed teachers and faculty at River Ridge High School of “all federal and state laws restricting political activity among teachers” at public, taxpayer funded schools.

“We are committed to providing your child with the best education possible to prepare them for future success,” Herring concludes.


Orletsky surely learned a tough lesson here – parents neither need nor desire their kids’ teachers to impart their political biases on their students. There’s simply no place for it in the classroom.

How many Lyn Orletskys does it take for liberal educators to wise up?


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