Creepy Clown Effigies in KKK Hoods are Found Hanging from a Tree in Virginia

Police in Richmond, Virginia were met with a startling sight when they arrived at the city’s Bryan Park this morning: effigies of clowns dressed in KKK robes hanging from a tree.


(Image: Ned Oliver/Richmond Times-Dispatch)

It has to be a guerrilla marketing campaign for the movie “It” – right?

No, apparently it is art. Art disguised as a political statement. Or a political statement disguised as art. Crappy, crappy art.

The art collective INDECLINE, which released a video showing four masked men dressed in black hanging the clowns overnight, said in a press release the action is intended as a “protest of the White Nationalist uprising in the United States.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter Ned Oliver was on the scene.

The “artists” behind the display are collectively known as INDECLINE, and their most notable work to date has been the statues of a naked Donald Trump that were placed in various large cities, including New York and Las Vegas.

Apparently, anything can pass for art these days.


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