DACA Brings Out the 'Convenient Christianity' of the Left

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spent most of today’s daily briefing responding to a volley of questions about the ending of DACA, with a few North Korea inquiries peppered in. Why did Jeff Sessions make the DACA announcement? Does the president trust Congress to resolve the matter?


Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Sanders ended the briefing by telling the assembled press corps that the president had decided on the Hurricane Harvey charities to which he’d be making his personal contributions, and thanked them for their suggestions. She also thanked them for their time and departed the podium.

Just then – right before the White House livestream cut out – the smug voice of a faceless reporter, presumably one not important enough to be called on during the briefing, screamed at her, “Was the DACA decision a Christian one?”

Ah, there you have it.

That’s called ‘convenient Christianity’, and the left loves to dredge it up when it suits their political arguments. Liberals and progressives thrive on pretending they’re desperately concerned that the government isn’t being Christian enough.

It’s laughable.

How was it Christian for Barack Obama to flout the laws of the country to use executive fiat to create DACA? How was it Christian for Congress to ignore their duty to the people of the United States and allow Obama to executive order his way through the eight years of his presidency?

You want to go there, leftists?

Did any of you question the Christian-ness of Obama okaying taxpayer money to go overseas to pay for abortions? Was Mr. Outraged, Faceless White House Reporter upset then?

How about the Iran deal? Were the convenient Christians of the left worried about how Christian it was for the president of the most powerful country in the world to sign an awful deal that does nothing to stop nuclear proliferation, but does a heck of a lot to put our friends in Israel in more danger?


Much like you know you’ve won the political argument when a liberal resorts to personal attacks (which is usually one or two questions into it), you know the left has no policy or legal ground to stand on when they start channeling their convenient Christianity.

This is a dangerous move by the left, as Christians take very seriously caring for their fellow man and devote significant resources to it – it’s well documented that conservatives give much more to charity than do liberals. Christians helped get Trump elected, and they’re certainly not going to change their minds about him because smarmy liberals pretend to have Christian concerns about public policy.

The left just doesn’t get it. And they never will.



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