Melania's Choice of Shoe Today is a Big Ole Middle Finger to the Media

First Lady Melania Trump is a master at using fashion to make a point.

There was the “pussybow” blouse she wore to a presidential debate shortly after the infamous Billy Bush/Access Hollywood tape was released. And the more subtle use of color to honor various causes, such as the white coat she wore back in March at a Women’s History Month event. White being the color of the suffragette movement.


Melania made headlines earlier this week when she dared to wear stiletto heels (which, by the way, she wears ALL THE TIME) while boarding Marine One at the White House on the way to visit flood-ravaged Texas.

And the media, on cue, freaked out. Over footwear. Footwear, as anyone with an ounce of rationality knew, she would exchange for something more appropriate for the conditions in Texas. And she did exactly that, emerging from Air Force One wearing sneakers.

The uproar was ridiculous, but, as is her way, Melania struck back today as she headed back to Texas with the President. Wearing, you guessed it, stilettos. Beautiful, impractical snakeskin stilettos.


Melania’s choice of shoe today is a big old middle finger to the media. She’s giving them a kick up the arse with her spiky, spiky heels. And it is glorious and well deserved.

Melania: Infinity
Media Bullies: 0


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