"They're Heroes": Two Volunteers Die After Rescuing Seven Harvey Victims

All they wanted to do was help.

Three brothers, Yahir, Jose, and Benjamin Vizueth set out on a boat with their two friends, Jorge Perez and Gustavo Rodriguez-Hernandez, to rescue victims of the Hurricane Harvey flooding. Along the way, they picked up two journalist from DailyMail.com.

They were on their way to rescue an elderly woman trapped in her house when they hit power lines obscured from view by the deep, churning floodwaters. The men were flung into the water by the powerful electric shock, with some of them finding trees or other debris on which to anchor themselves while others were pulled away by the fast-moving water.

The accident happened on Monday afternoon; four of the men were rescued Tuesday morning and are recovering the hospital. Two of the men, Yahir and Jose Vizueth, were found dead. The others are still missing.

The family of the Vizueth brothers want people to know that the three men were inseparable. And when they decided they needed to help their neighbors, it was no surprise that they went together. Says family member Stepheny Jacquez, “Benjamin said, ‘We have a boat, we have to go help people. He wanted to go back into his neighborhood to save people, because he knew how bad it was.”

They had already brought two families to safety, a total of seven people, when they decided to go out for a third rescue mission, this time to help the elderly woman who has wheelchair-bound.

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