Obnoxious Politico Cartoon Mocks Victims of Hurricane Harvey

In what appears to be an ongoing effort to help Donald Trump get reelected in 2020, the ultra liberal Politico today published a very un-funny cartoon mocking the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The floodwaters haven’t yet receded and victims are still fighting for survival, yet Politico thought this was the optimal time to be condescending toward those who are suffering.


If you’ve ever wondered what the elites in DC think of everyday Americans, it’s right here in vivid color. We’re all just a bunch of know-nuthin rednecks in cowboy hats and Confederate flag shirts hoopin’ and hollerin’ about secession and God and angels. Silly us and our silly God, don’t we realize that Government is always the answer?


The cartoon is the handiwork of some guy named Matt Wuerker, who has taken to Twitter in a pathetic attempt to explain his intention and how thankful he is for rescue workers. Twitter, of course, was more than happy to explain to the condescending cartoonist that the very people he is mocking are indeed the very people who are carrying out many of the rescues for which he is so thankful.

And Matt Wuerker, like most liberals, just doesn’t get it. How sad is it that the Twitterverse has to explain to a grown-ass man sitting comfy, dry, warm, and safe that this wasn’t the time to take political digs at a state that is in crisis and whose citizens are in the midst of a life-changing catastrophe? Why do liberals need to have that explained to them?


The cavalier attitude shown by Politico in putting out such a despicable cartoon does nothing to dispel the idea that liberalism is a mental disorder and that no crisis is too big or painful to be used by the left for political gain. What the geniuses at Politico don’t seem to realize is that it is this very attitude about middle America that put Trump’s arse squarely behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office and will likely keep it there for a long time.



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