Trump Releases Campaign-Style Political Ad, but He Really Shouldn't Have (VIDEO)

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., today released a campaign-style video touting the achievements of the 45th president and calling out Democrats and the media for obstructing his agenda.


The video is called “Let President Trump Do His Job” and features a hit parade of the left’s worst of the worst, including Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer. Mitch McConnell is likely breathing a sigh of relief that he does not make an appearance.

The president’s achievements, you ask? According to the video:

  • 1 million jobs created;
  • more Americans working than ever before;
  • unemployment lowest since 2001; and,
  • strongest military in decades.

Here’s the thing, though: No, just no. This was not the day to release this video. The country is still reeling from yesterday’s events in Charlottesville, and, quite frankly, Trump himself is taking a beating for his lackluster response to those events. People want the president to call out the specific kind of evil on display in the land of Jefferson, not tout his agenda. There’s a right time for pushing policy, but today is not that time.

It’s hard to make the case that everything is hunky-dory in the country while failing to name a cancer that is eating away at it from the fringes. For now, Trump needs to shelve the politicking and console the nation.



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