OUCH: Redditors Hand CNN's Chris Cillizza an Epic Roasting

Poor Chris Cillizza. The editor at large for CNN’s political unit probably didn’t expect to get such a roasting when he took to Reddit today for a little Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the Politics subreddit.


But, a roasting he got.

Cillizza teased his AMA with childlike glee, first listing his accomplishments – he wrote for BOTH the Washington Post and Roll Call – then his interests. Pro wrestling, Dawson’s Creek, and the Washington Nationals? So well rounded!

A little more self-promotion was in order, so Cillizza explained how CNN had recently launched The Point with Chris Cillizza, “a multiplatform brand that helps you cut through the crap.” Yes, that’s really what he wrote.

Not to worry, though. Reddit was not about to allow him to forget the fact that he and CNN are the crap.

The ensuing questions are … priceless. Enjoy.



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