Reality Bites: Leaker of National Security Info Will Be Wearing Her Orange Jumpsuit for a While

Reality Winner was in court today in Augusta, Georgia to face one charge of “willful retention and transmission of national defense information.” Prosecutors contended that Winner should be denied bond because she is a risk to national security and may have stolen additional top secret intelligence.


Judge Brian K. Epps agreed with the prosecution, and Winner was denied bond.

The prosecution alleged that Winner is ‘extremely intelligent’ and may have removed information from a ‘Top Secret computer on a USB drive’ while she was on active duty and stated that the thumb drive has not been located.

The prosecution relayed information gleaned from a jailhouse recording between Winner and her mother. In that recording, Winner alluded to having stolen multiple documents. Officials fear that her access to classified intelligence, combined with her alleged sympathies toward Osama bin Laden and other terrorists, could lead them to discovering that she is responsible for other leaks.

The jailhouse recording also reveals that Winner coached her mother on how to portray the whole thing in the media, advice her mother clearly took to heart earlier this week when she appeared on various news shows claiming her daughter was “scared” during her arrest.


Reality Winner is  a very calculating young woman. She allegedly told her sister that she planned to wear her hair in braids to her court hearing, where she would cry and play the ‘I’m pretty, white and cute’ card. Sure enough, she showed up in court wearing her hair in braids.

Winner has pleaded not guilty and faces up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines if convicted.


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