Democrat "Freshman of the Year" Arrested for Drunk Driving

Last week, the Texas House Democratic Caucus named State Rep. Victoria Neave as their “Freshman of the Year.”

Last night, Ms. Neave was arrested and charged with drunk driving. It was wasn’t pretty.


State Rep. Victoria Neave, a freshman in the legislature representing parts of Dallas, was “staggering” and “uncooperative” with police, according to the report. She refused to take a field sobriety test and repeatedly said to officers while slurring her words that she was “invoking my 5th amendment rights.”

“I love you and I will fight for you and I’m invoking my 5th amendment rights,” she slurred repeatedly, according to the report.

It would almost be funny if her actions weren’t so unbelievably selfish, foolish and dangerous.

Neave became somewhat of a national story earlier this year when she went on a hunger strike to protest a proposed bill, which is now law, that outlawed sanctuary cities. She’s a darling of the Women’s March movement, and proudly peppers her social media feeds with pictures of her palling around with leaders of the anti-gun Moms Demand Action group.

Speaking of social media, Neave just last week tweeted about her participation in a safe driving demonstration.


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