Bette Midler Tweets Something Amazingly Stupid in the Wake of the London Terrorist Attack

If you were expecting cogent, rational reactions from Hollywood after tonight’s horrific terrorist attack in London, you’re going to be disappointed. Take Bette Midler, for instance, who couldn’t just condemn the acts of “madmen” who commit murder in the name of Allah; she had to also condemn all religions. Oh, and men, too. They’re all worthless.


This left many men on Twitter trying to figure how worthless they are.

Sorry, Charles, you’re the wrong gender, therefore WORTHLESS.

Good question, but pretty sure Bette thinks you’re worthless, too. Because you carried weapons and scary man stuff like that.

Well done, Bette. You’ve managed to unite everyone against you in a display of foolishness we haven’t seen since Kathy Griffin ruined her career earlier this week.


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