Introducing: The Smart Girl Politics Podcast With Kira Davis and Teri Christoph

Did you know that RedState writers Kira Davis and Teri Christoph do a weekly podcast? The Smart Girl Politics podcast provides the conservative woman’s perspective on a wide array of political and cultural issues, all from a decidedly grassroots point of view (i.e., average women, not DC insiders). We of course talk about the major political stories of the day/week, but add in palate cleansers in the form of entertainment, religion, technology, sports, news of the day, etc.

So, this is the first episode we’re sharing here on RedState, but it’s actually episode #42. Feel free to head over to Soundcloud to audio-binge the other forty-one.

Episode #42: Five Guys is Better Than In-N-Out

Not as risqué as it sounds … or is it? On this week’s show, Teri and Kira talk about Jerry Brown calling California’s taxpayers “freeloaders,” Joss Whedon’s truly horrible Mother’s Day message, and why the left loves to dance on the graves of dead conservatives. Also, a new poll – and everyone knows polling is never wrong – shows Americans prefer Five Guys over In-N-Out.

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