Sasse Mocks Trump: You Can't Lead "Jumping Tweetstorm to Tweetstorm"

Let’s ignore the irony of Ben Sasse using Twitter to call out the president for his incessant tweeting and just assume Sasse figured the social media platform was the best way to get his message in front of the commander-in-chief.


The freshman senator is not known for pulling punches, and he certainly held true to his reputation this morning when he subtweeted this in Trump’s general direction:

Sasse echoed these sentiments on a CNN appearance:

“Governing tweetstorm to tweetstorm is not a sustainable strategy. And the president has picked a lot of good people,” Mr. Sasse, Nebraska Republican, said on CNN.

“There are a number of really wonderful people, smart people and honorable people in this White House, and they have a really hard job because it just feels like kiddie soccer most days. That people are just following one frenzy to the next frenzy to the next frenzy,” he said.

Sasse clearly shares the frustrations of many Americans who see a White House in chaos – a chaos that might well play into the president’s management style, but stymies his staff. Looks like politics and business, while intertwined, are two very different beasts and need to be accommodated using markedly different leadership styles.


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