Nice Knowin' Ya, Tom Brady

He had a pretty good run, didn’t he? But in a sure sign that a performance ending/altering injury is on its way, Tom Brady was revealed today as the cover boy of the Madden 18 video game. It is apparently, and appropriately, a G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) version of Madden.


Everyone knows about the Madden Curse, right? It’s befallen numerous players who’ve previously graced a Madden cover, resulting in serious, often career-ending, injuries. Fox Sports has the full rundown of football stars who have succumbed to the curse.

For his part, Brady isn’t one bit afraid of it. He even released a video chock full of him tempting fate by breaking a mirror and walking under a ladder. WATCH:

As a fan of the Washington, D.C. sports teams, I know that sports curses are a real thing. Just ask the Capitals, who are watching the third round of the playoffs from the comfort of their homes because they are cursed to always do so.

This is the second year in a row that a New England Patriots player was picked for the cover of much-loved video game. One of Brady’s favorite targets, Rob Gronkowski, was on the cover last year, and missed the playoffs and ensuing Super Bowl because of … wait for it … a back injury.

So, Tom might laugh it off, and he certainly seems to have a wicked long streak of luck, but time will tell if his luck holds.


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