Oops! Steve Bannon's White House To-Do List is Now Internet Famous

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon walks to a meeting in the office of Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., on Capitol Hill, Thursday, March 23, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Many a person has tried to read the mind of Donald Trump’s senior advisor, Steve Bannon. The White House’s evil genius is a favorite punching bag of folks on both the left and the right, and who wouldn’t love to have the inside scoop on what he’s got planned now that he’s *this close* to Oval Office?

Well, now we know. We all know.

Yesterday was Israel Independence Day, and frequent Fox News guest and Trump supporter Rabbi Shmuley Boteach stopped by the White House to take part in a ceremony to mark the occasion. He stopped by Bannon’s office to snap some selfies, and, well, Bannon’s white board made an epic photobomb.

It appears good progress is being made on immigration pledges; lots of work still to be done on Obamacare.

No state secrets or nuclear codes were revealed, but it’s an interesting glimpse at what one of the White House factions sees as the administration’s priorities.