We are eight days away from a massive election. That is a week and a day, for the mathematically challenged. In other words, not a lot of time.

Here’s the thing: Republicans are undoubtedly going to win next Tuesday. We will pick up house seats and some Senate seats.


You control how many seats we will win.

Getting people to turn out has never been easy. The ground game is the hardest part of any campaign, which is why the party has just opted to not focus on it this go round. The failure of the party to push GOTV efforts is embarrassing. Ace laments the lack of motivation here. Melissa Clouthier blames the GOP. They’re both right.

This is not about the GOP – they are but a vehicle. The grassroots is doing this in spite of them. The party is  by and large not interested in what the activists have to offer – they don’t trust them. These wingnuts couldn’t possibly be sophisticated enough to understand the complexity of a campaign! The bottom line is that their distrust is costing them volunteer hours and donors… and my prediction is that it will cost us a couple winnable seats as well.

This election cycle is as much about beating the Republicans as it is about beating the Democrats. For the first time in a long time, we will have a freshman class full of Representatives and Senators that were elected only because the people wanted them there – not because they inherited a seat or were able to buy their way in. The party turned their back on many of them. There is a whole block of elected officials that owe their jobs to the people.


I was heartened by a trip to West Virginia this past weekend. The community in Charleston was incredible – everyone was engaged and active. While we were doorknocking for John Raese we ran into people walking neighborhoods for local judges and putting up signs for delegates. It was a beautiful thing, and there needs to be more of it.

There is no better time to step away from your computer and put up some signs or make some phone calls than right now. November 2nd is it, people. We don’t get a redo. What we do over the next eight days will impact our entire country for the next two years and beyond. This is the only shot we have at halting and reversing Obama’s agenda. Right now. This week.

What have you done? Have you taken time out of your weekend to walk a neighborhood with some literature? Have you gone for two hours after work to do some phone banking?

Organize an event in your area. Get your friends to come with you.

We have been working toward this for the past two years. All of your talk and your sign holding and flag waving comes down to this. Don’t let it be for nothing. There are a ton of races that deserve your attention – no matter where you are in the country, there is something you can help with. In a safe district? Phonebank for a race that could use the extra push. You can do it through your computer on your own phone.


Don’t get comfortable. Everything hangs on our ability to show up.

As a side note, I’ll be at the FreedomWorks Nevada Victory Center in the Hampton Inn and Suites this week. We will be open Friday through Tuesday from 8am to 9pm… and 24 hours on Monday. Please come out make calls, get supplies, and help Sharron win. You can contact me for more information.


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