Crist further prepares himself for run as a Democrat

Charlie Crist, who defected from the Republican Party just a few months ago upon the realization that he would lose in the primary, is growing more comfortable in his role as an independent Democrat. According to this WSJ article, he’s thinking he found a “sweet spot” by not formally affiliating with either major party.


Sure, people are disenchanted with both parties, and each one brings baggage. What he seems to miss is that being an independent only matters if you don’t, you know, act like one of the major parties. So far this year, he’s vetoed an education bill and an abortion bill, and he’s now trying to get the GOP led legislature to ban offshore drilling in Florida waters. There is little doubt that this will be easily defeated, but the irony lies in that Crist supported offshore drilling as recently as last year. What’s changed since then?

Oh, right. He doesn’t have anyone to be accountable to. We’ve seen all to often how this “centrist” routine works – maybe Crist should have a chat with John McCain?

A more damning policy shift, if there can be one larger than his offshore drilling shift, lies with his stance on ObamaCare. Also from WSJ:

Mr. Crist has made other policy shifts. Despite pledging as a Republican to help repeal President Obama’s health-care overhaul, Mr. Crist now says he does not support such a move.

His justification was that he was pressured, and that he “wanted to follow his heart, but other influences have some effect, to a degree.” That may be so, but when it comes down to the wire, there are beliefs that do not change. Things like a pro-life stance, and that the government doesn’t have all the answers. Crist seems to have thrown all that to the wind, scrubbing all the pro life language from his site soon after his switch to Independent, and deciding to hand over things like health care to the government.
This is why Rubio needs to be the next FL Senator. The fact that Crist is even still part of the conversation is ridiculous, and I hope that Floridians see through the charade. As Rubio said, he is willing to say anything to win this election. Apparently he thinks that supporting ObamaCare will help him?
Luckily for Rubio, he’s getting bad advice.


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