Comey Frowns on FBI Agents Who Shared Disparaging Texts About Trump ("It's Terrible Judgment")

He’s right.

Former FBI Director James Comey is making the rounds, ahead of Tuesday’s release of his new book, “A Higher Loyalty.” On Sunday evening, his hotly anticipated interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos was aired, revealing such details as how the ousted director feels Trump may possibly be compromised by Russians, and his opinion that Trump is morally unfit to lead.


On Monday, USA Today explored other topics with Comey, like the case of FBI agent, Peter Strzok, and his mistress, FBI attorney, Lisa Page.

“I had no idea,” Comey told USA Today in an interview published Monday about the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. “It really bugs me. I think it’s terrible judgment.”


Strzok and Page were discovered to have exchanged derogatory emails about Donald Trump, among others, while chatting each other up in text messages.

Both were working as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team. After the discovery of those messages, Strzok was immediately bounced from the team and reassigned to FBI Human Resources. Page had already completed her assignment and had moved on at the time of the discovery.

As a result, Trump loyalists have claimed the texts to be evidence of widespread partisan corruption on Mueller’s team, and have clung in desperation to the hope that this will be enough to stop any further examination into Trump’s 2016 campaign.

It is troublesome that Strzok was also part of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and was the one who softened the language in Comey’s statement, regarding the FBI’s findings.


No charges were brought against Clinton in that case, even though it was reopened shortly before the election, leading many on the left to cry “Foul!” and accuse Comey of helping Trump win.

Still, Comey saw a problem with what Strzok and Page were doing.

“It doesn’t change my view of the case, but the FBI is a public-trust organization,” Comey said. “That they are bad-mouthing candidates using FBI (phones) is terrible.”

It was terrible, but their involvement with the investigation was brief, at most, and Mueller proved his dedication to keeping the investigation on the up-and-up, by removing Strzok so quickly.


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