Trump's Campaign Gets Hit With Another Campaign Finance Violation Charge for Latest Bimbo Eruption

Common Cause, a “watchdog group”, is paying close attention to all of the alleged payments to keep people quiet about the dalliances of Donald Trump.


The latest to catch their attention is the newly reported $30,000 payment to a former doorman to buy his silence about another Trump affair, which resulted in a child.

Complaints have been filed with the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission against Trump, his campaign team, and the publisher of the tabloid, National Enquirer.

 The group claims that the payment to the doorman was made to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, and was therefore an illegal in-kind payment to Trump’s campaign.

In the complaint, they allege that the payment were not reported as either an expenditure, or a contribution, as required by campaign finance law.

The affair, said to have been with an employee (Someone mentioned a housekeeper), was years ago. The payment to the doorman, however, was in September 2015. American Media Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer, made the payment to Dino Sajudin for his story, after he passed a polygraph test and was made to sign an agreement, giving all rights to AMI.


They then buried the story, just as they did with his Playboy model mistress, Karen McDougal.

“The president and his team seem to have repeatedly chosen to ignore campaign finance laws in an attempt to bury scandals related to the then-candidate’s extramarital affairs,” Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn said in a statement.

Indeed, it is a pattern, and the National Enquirer head honcho, David Pecker, is a devoted Trump pal, often not being as judicious in how he allowed his tabloid to spread rumors about Trump’s competition during the election.

Remember the alleged multiple affairs story about Ted Cruz?

Yeah, nobody is reporting payoffs, there, and the story never gained any real traction, because there apparently was little to nothing to it.

Ultimately, there’s very little chance that any of these illicit affairs would change the minds of Trump’s faithful, even if he openly boasted of them. We’ve already seen how rabid their defenses become when anybody brings them up.

If anything, it would probably boost his standing in the eyes of evangelicals.


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