OOPS: Mueller Looking Into $150,000 Donation From Ukrainian Billionaire to Trump Foundation

You have to wonder if Donald Trump knew what kind of trouble he was buying for himself, running for the presidency, while having a past (and present) so chock-full of corruption and shady dealings.


Of course, he never intended to win. He just intended to stir the masses, build up his audience, then go back to crap-posting on social media and living as a pop culture punchline.

He underestimated the misguided anger of the masses. He didn’t calculate for an overcrowded field of legitimate contenders who split the vote so hopelessly that he, as the worst possible offering, got the run-off.

No, not even with common core math is 35 percent the majority. The majority wanted somebody else. There were just so many somebody elses, that they took each other out.

And now Robert Mueller is diving deep, and all those things Trump thought meant nothing (since he never intended to win), or would never come back to haunt him are erupting all around him.

Case in point: Mueller is now looking into a video appearance at a conference in Kiev, in exchange for a hefty “donation” to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

The New York Times reported Monday that Mueller is investigating the $150,000 donation to the Donald J. Trump Foundation that Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk made in September 2015, while Trump was seeking the GOP nomination for president.

The payment came after Trump spoke through a video link to a conference in Kiev, according to the Times.


And surprise, surprise… This comes hot on the heels of news that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen had been subject of a raid on Monday, where federal agents seized communications between Trump and Cohen, tax documents, and information regarding the payoff of Stormy Daniels.

It was Cohen who solicited Pinchuk for the “donation.”

A week ago, Mueller’s team questioned 3 Russian oligarchs over any donations sent to Trump’s campaign or inauguration fund.

Trump has been fever-tweeting as if his head was on fire and his rump is catching, ever since news of the raid hit. You can almost feel the froth and desperation. Some are speculating that this will be the panic moment that causes him to fire Mueller.

If that happens, impeachment proceedings can be expected to begin shortly after. In the meantime, look for him to do something really big and reckless to divert headlines.


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