SICK: Sutherland Springs, TX Pastor Endures Abuse From Conspiracy Theorists (and It's on Video)

I have a lot of respect for Pastor Frank Pomeroy, of First Baptist Church, in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

If you’ll recall, Pomeroy’s church was the target of a horrible mass shooting in November 5, 2017. On that day, 26-year old Devin Patrick Kelley killed 26 members of the church community. Twenty more were wounded.


Among the dead was Pastor Pomeroy’s 14-year old daughter, Abigail. The pastor and his wife just happened to be away. A visiting pastor, Bryan Holcombe, and 7 of his family were also killed, including a pregnant woman and a 17-month old girl.

Through such monumental heartache, Pastor Pomeroy’s words have been encouraging. His actions have shown godly self-control and resolve.

Unfortunately, there is no limit of disgusting people in the world, and it doesn’t just stop when people like Devin Patrick Kelley are put down.

Pastor Pomeroy has found himself and his church to be the target of blithering idiots pushing the “false flag” conspiracy theories about what really happened that day.

The two conspiracy theorists, Robert Ussery (calling himself “Side Thorn”), and Jodi Mann (calling herself “Conspiracy Granny”) have released YouTube videos and launched blogs about how all the mass shooting events are staged by the government.

Crisis actors, FEMA camps, the whole gamut of tinfoil-hatted nonsense is spewed by this noxious duo.


I brought you the story of the arrest of Ussery and Mann last month. On March 5, the pair were finally nabbed on the property of First Baptist Church, after being confronted by Pastor Pomeroy and asked to leave.

A new video from Vice shows that confrontation, and the glorious arrest.

What you’ll see is a composed Pomeroy and the abusive, hateful, unhinged lunacy of the conspiracy theorists.

Now ask me why I so vehemently despise conspiracy theorists.

Pastor Pomeroy and that community have been through enough. He didn’t deserve this treatment.



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