A Former Green Party Candidate and Full-Time Conspiracy Theorist Has a Big Week

On Tuesday night, Roseanne Barr’s 90’s hit show, “Roseanne” got a reboot, and it was apparently just what people wanted, because it really racked up the ratings for the night, drawing an impressive 18 million viewers.


The response was such that after that single night, the network announced that it was being renewed for another season.

Not bad for a show that’s been out of the spotlight for over 20 years.

Our ratings-obsessed president even called Barr afterwards and congratulated her on her very good night.

I used to enjoy that show, actually. It was one of my favorites, but that was before Twitter, 4Chan, InfoWars, chemtrails, and a host of other fringe conspiracy bandwagons that Barr has jumped on.

Is it any wonder she’s a Trump supporter?

No. The correct answer is “no.”

On Friday evening, she tweeted out something nonsensical:

“President Trump has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps all over this world. Hundreds each month. He has broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere,” she wrote, adding he gets the benefit of the doubt from her.

First of all, if this was even remotely so, Trump would be tweeting about it every day. The man doesn’t pass up any opportunity to boast.

She may be talking about several initiatives launched by the White House to curtail human trafficking, but, again, no one is laying claim to the kinds of results she’s talking about. No one except the blinded loyalists, who don’t really need facts.

She’s apparently also part of the band of internet trolls who back “QAnon,” a 4Chan member posing as a high-level government official, claiming that President Trump is going to unleash any day now with a massive net that leads to the roundup and arrest of many top Democrats for participating in an underground, satanic, child sex-trafficking operation.


Remember the whole thing about the pizza parlor in Washington and the backroom child sex ring that wasn’t?

Yeah, that’s still going on, and Trump is about to ride in and save the day. At least, that’s what the denizens of 4Chan say.

And Roseanne Barr. Roseanne Barr believes that, and has fully embraced the QAnon internet idiocy.

What QAnon spouts is usually a lot of garbled nonsense, giving no specifics. He did set the natives into a frenzy by claiming John Podesta would be arrested on November 3, but that didn’t happen.

That didn’t convince Barr that QAnon is just another slacker living in his mom’s basement, playing Warcraft and trolling social media.

“who is Q?” Barr tweeted the morning of Nov. 17.

“tell Qanon to DM me in the nexxt 24 hours,” she tweeted hours later.

No idea if he did or not, but she has firmly connected herself to that particular circle. She tweets out a lot of QAnon-connected content, and when her Twitter account went down briefly after that particular outreach, the 4Chan clan got nutty, claiming she was being “silenced.”

Not really. It appears her account was down for maintenance.

“Roseanne had been talking about Q mostly all day and asking him to contact her, now,” one Redditor in the r/conspiracies subreddit wrote of Barr’s disappearance from Twitter, and claiming it confirmed the QAnon conspiracy. “I am viewing this as vindication.”

Barr was back online hours later.

“guys! i am OK! I’m here-thank you for worrying,” she wrote. “I am OK and back. explanation later on-”


Except she didn’t explain. She just left it hanging out there.

But even with Barr returned, some fans were suspicious that an imposter had replaced her. “How do we know it’s you?” one tweeted at the returned Roseanne.

“Let us know that you are really back,” another tweeted. “Give us a real sign that will let us know it really is you.”

Redditors theorized that Barr had suspended herself to draw attention to QAnon. “Conspiracyception: She deleted her account to make it seem like Twitter is cooked,” one wrote.

Good grief.

Last Friday she mysteriously tweeted out, “MKULTRA,” the name of a CIA mind-control program from the 1960s.

No context, but she’s definitely riding the crazy train.

She’s pushed the Trump-backed conspiracy theory about 5.7 million illegals voting in the 2016 election, as well as the Seth Rich murder hoax.

Barr’s own political ambitions were shot down in 2012, when she ran as a member of the Green Party, but lost the nomination to Jill Stein in the primary.

This is also the woman who once did a photo shoot of herself in a kitchen, dressed to look like Hitler (if Hitler were a housewife), with a cookie sheet full of singed “Jew cookies.”

It was so breathtakingly inappropriate that the magazine featuring the shoot quickly pulled the photos.

But I’m guessing her new pals with 4Chan really appreciated the “art.”


Now, if this association helps or hurts Barr’s show remains to be seen. How many 4Chan members are there, and how long can they keep a show that features a 10-year old crossdresser afloat?

You’d think conservatives would come out in droves against such indoctrination.

You’d think, but she’s a Trump supporter, so all the things that used to apply are apparently “flexible.”

We’ll see.







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