Avengers Assemble! Actors Join in to Play Real Life Superheroes to a Dying Kid

Given that Marvel’s past 10 years of methodically and successfully bringing the superheroes from the comic book page to the big screen is about to reach its collective glory in “Avengers: Infinity War” next month, this could almost seem like a promotional gimmick.


But it isn’t.

On Sunday, Fox News host Shannon Bream tweeted out an appeal for a young boy named Emilio, stricken with cancer.

Bream had apparently met a man on a flight recently who told her about young Emilio, his nephew, and said the boy had little time left.

Later, the man reached out to Bream and told her that Emilio’s dying wish was to receive a video greeting from an Avenger, and asked if she could help.

Bream took it to Twitter.

Social media has a way of making things happen.

Within a few hours, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, and Paul Bettany, who takes on the role of Vision, offered to help.

“Happy to! DM me,” Evans tweeted Bream.

Ryan Reynolds, who perfectly and hilariously plays Marvel’s “Deadpool” also offered to help.


To be clear, “Deadpool” is closer to being one of the “X-Men” than an Avenger, but still, that was cool.

The second “Deadpool” is due out soon, as a matter of fact.

“Avengers” actors Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) will also be sending videos to the boy. Bream thanked CNN host Jake Tapper for helping to connect with Rudd on the video.

“Thank you, EVERYONE! Major progress has been made because of you. A special assist coming in from @jaketapper I guess Twitter can be full of love when someone really needs it,” she tweeted.

As of Monday afternoon, Evans and Bettany sent their videos to the boy, Fox News can report.

I saw that Twitter thread. Along with Reynolds, Evans, Bettany, and Rudd, actor Don Cheadle, who plays Iron Man sidekick, War Machine/Iron Patriot offered his help, as well.

Kudos to all of the celebs who were willing to reach out and offer their time and efforts to brighten a sick kid’s last hours.


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