Family Feud: Sean Hannity Hits Back, After Colleague Calls His Program "Entertainment"

We’ll call it a family squabble.

In an interview on Thursday, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith suggested that things were “different” between what the news portion of Fox News does, and whatever it is that people like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are doing.


Probably most jarring for Hannity and Ingraham is that Smith said what they did was “entertainment.”

I would call it mindless sycophancy and catering to the MAGA masses, but Smith was probably holding back, a bit.

Hannity got indignant and tossed some Twitter shade at Smith on Friday:


Hannity is Trump’s pet gimp and the high priest of whataboutism. He’s spent the past year doing anything and everything to attack U.S. institutions and anyone that might question his liege, Trump.

As for his “REAL NEWS” claim, he chased a conspiracy theory about a slain DNC staffer, even after Fox News’ own website had taken down the story and issued a retraction. Even after the family of the slain staffer had asked he stop rubbing salt in their still-fresh wounds, he would not, because to prove Seth Rich was behind the leak of those DNC emails before the 2016 election would be to get Russia off the hook. To get Russia off the hook would end the need for a probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. To end that probe would be to clear Donald Trump and his team.

Then, of course, Laura Ingraham jumped in.


By “big interviews,” she means she gets people from the Trump administration or Trump campaign team in to promote whatever it is Trump needs to get out to the MAGAdooks for the day.

It’s not really “scoring big interviews” if you’re being given who to talk to, for the purpose of pushing propaganda.

 Smith has stood out at the network as an occasional critic of stories promoted by Fox’s opinion personalities. In November, for example, he criticized the reporting around the sale of mining company Uranium One to a Russian state-owned entity, which was frequently promoted by Hannity.

And even if you don’t agree with Smith’s politics, you have to agree he’s right. There’s news, and then there’s propaganda. Smith used the euphemism of “entertainment.”

Hopefully, we all know the difference between the two.


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