Andrew McCabe Issues Ominous Statement After News of His Firing

Let’s face it.

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe stumbled and stepped in it, a lot! A Justice Department inspector general investigation forced him to step down from his post, earlier than he’d intended, due to his interactions with a reporter, and the release of sensitive material.


Patterico covered news of his firing, two days away from his retirement, thus denying him full pension, after more than 20 years of service.

I won’t say McCabe didn’t deserve to be fired for what he did, but the timing seems set for maximum pain.

Speaking of timing, hours before the firing was announced, Fox News’ website accidentally ran a draft of the firing story. Did they get the heads up that it was coming from someone?

And then there’s McCabe’s statement.

Donald Trump treats people like crap. There’s no question about that. While it thrills his base, he should know that these things have a way of coming back around, and it looks like McCabe is fed up.

If it turns out he has something that could be damaging to Trump, then it should surprise nobody that McCabe is feeling gloriously unburdened from his purpose, right now.

I predict fireworks ahead.



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