Former Trump Aide Crawls Out From Under His Mania, Says He'll Comply With Subpoena

He’s up and sober, guys.

After a full day on Monday of news program call-ins and appearances, ranting about the Trump team, the Mueller team, and declaring his own brand of anarchy, Sam Nunberg has had a night to rethink his life choices.


Good boy.

Monday’s Nunberg parade was so fantastical and bizarre, it’s hard to imagine anything other than some sort of chemical enhancement being at the root.

In fact, at least one interview saw him called out on it.

Alcohol and anti-depressants make for a bad mix.

Just saying. 

We can assume friends, family, and/or legal counsel have reached him, and he’s changing his tune, at least about working with Mueller.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Sam Nunberg said he was angry over Mueller’s request to have him appear in front of a grand jury and turn over thousands of emails and other communications with other ex-officials, among them his mentor Roger Stone. But he predicted that, in the end, he’d find a way to comply.

“I’m going to end up cooperating with them,” he said.

Yes, that’s a good call. Those 50 to 80 hours of inconvenience you railed about on Monday are nothing compared to the penalties for ignoring a subpoena, and it seems that the man may have enough problems.

Other than those emails, it’s questionable how much worth Nunberg could have to the Russia probe. He was taken out of the Trump mix fairly early, due to some racially-charged social media posts.


Still, in his rants, he seems to think he knows something.

In the earlier interviews, Nunberg said he thought Mueller may already have incriminating evidence on Trump directly, although he would not say what that evidence might be.

“I think he may have done something during the election,” Nunberg told MSNBC of the president, “but I don’t know that for sure.” He later told CNN that Mueller “thinks Trump is the Manchurian candidate.” A reference drawn from a Cold War novel and film, a “Manchurian candidate” is an American brainwashed or otherwise compromised to work on behalf of an adversarial government.

A lot of people think that, but thinking it and proving it can be on vastly different planes.

And it wasn’t just Trump. Former Trump aide, Carter Page (the subject of the initial FISA warrants) also came up.

Nunberg also said he thinks former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page, a key figure in the Russia investigation, worked with the Kremlin. “I believe that Carter Page was colluding with the Russians,” Nunberg said on CNN. “That Carter Page is a weird dude.”

Page scoffed at Nunberg’s claims, appearing with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to imply Nunberg had a drinking problem.

And he may be right.

Still, the former aide is more clear with the light of a new day.

But in his call with the AP, Nunberg said he might be more willing to comply if Mueller’s team limits the scope of its request.

“I’m happy if the scope changes and if they send me a subpoena that doesn’t include Carter Page,” he said, insisting the two had never spoken.

He also said he believes the only reason he’s being asked to testify before the grand jury is to provide information that would be used against Stone, a longtime Trump adviser, which he says he won’t do.


Nunberg and the human wart, Roger Stone, are friends, and much of his tirade yesterday seemed to be for the purpose of protecting his friend.

Stone is a longtime friend and unofficial adviser to Donald Trump, and just a really gross guy.

Some have suggested that Monday’s performance was Nunberg falling on the sword for Stone, and playing crazy, as a means of getting out of testifying or cooperating.

I don’t think it will work, but we may not have to wait long to see the fallout.






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