After His Bewildering Performance on Cable News, Sam Nunberg's Friends Wonder, "Was He Drunk?"

What was wrong with him?

Yes, they’re calling former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg’s multiple news program appearances and call-ins a “breakdown.”

I told you earlier of his opening shot with MSNBC’s Katy Tur, where he declared that he wouldn’t be complying with a grand jury subpoena from Robert Mueller’s team, seeking his emails from the Trump campaign.


He thought being arrested would be “funny,” mused that Trump may have “done something” during the election, and also, that if Trump hadn’t won the nomination, he would likely have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

He also called in to CNN to speak to Jake Tapper, offering such oddities as:

“You know [Trump] knew about it,” Nunberg said at one point during an interview with CNN, of the infamous Trump Tower meeting between campaign associates and Russian officials. “He was talking about it a week before…I don’t know why he went around trying to hide it.”

So can he be trusted?

He was fired from the Trump campaign early over some racist language splattered over social media, and apparently he left mad.

Now, however, his friends are worried that he was putting himself in line for a real legal headache, and that his bizarre behavior is a sign of something more destructive.

They also said that they were worried Nunberg had been drinking prior to dialing in to MSNBC and CNN.

Starting Monday morning, Nunberg began calling several close associates that he was flatly refusing, at this time, to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Three Nunberg friends said they walked away from those conversations fearful that he was “drinking again” and was about to embark on a personal tailspin. They didn’t know it would play out on daytime TV.


His friends had urged him earlier in the day to go to his parents’ home, but he apparently wasn’t listening, going from one interview to another, and trashing his former employer, along the way.

“Donald Trump is an idiot,” he declared at one point.

Nunberg vented about having to hire a lawyer for 80 hours to help sort through campaign emails and having to pay “50-grand [in] legal fees.” He also talked on-air about how his lawyer was probably going to ditch him now.

The conversation wasn’t always focused on Mueller. Nunberg, at one point, riffed on “Bill Clinton’s illegitimate black child” and the “affair” between Trump-world figures Hope Hicks and Corey Lewandowski. And he stuck up for his friends and fellow former Trump campaign alums Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. (Nunberg says Mueller’s team is asking for him to fork over his communications with Stone and Bannon, among others.)

Well, everybody already knew about Lewandowski and Hope Hicks, so that’s no shock.

I don’t know if Nunberg has had a problem with substances in the past, but his friends think so, and this was certainly crazed and destructive behavior.

Was this something that has been brewing?


Nunberg’s behavior this week is unlikely to improve or repair his standing in Trump-world, which was never that great even before the president essentially exiled him early on in the presidential campaign. According to two sources with direct knowledge, when Nunberg worked for Trump as a political adviser, the future president would regularly berate Nunberg in private. Trump would call him a “jackass” and a “sh*thead,” among other derogatory terms, and make fun of him, and swear at him loudly.


So, basically, just the usual, hateful Trump behavior, and he pushed one too far.

Now let’s wait for tomorrow’s tweet storm, where Nunberg is described as a “low-level coffee boy.”

We may also get news very soon that Nunberg has checked himself into a facility, whether to keep away from Robert Mueller, or to get some much needed therapy.



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